Stop, start, continue: 50 years in teaching

This post is inspired by Stop, Start, Continue: Conceptual Understanding Meets Applied Problem Solving a blog post on Edutopia via @DavidBHawley.

Calling all politicians, inspectors and managers

I think David Hawley’s start, stop, continue proposals should be adapted for those who would regulate, inspect and manage teachers. How can we create the conditions that will inspire a generation of new teachers? Is it possible to train to teach at the age of 21 and teach until the age of 71? Does the promise of teaching for 50 years brighten the eyes and lighten the hearts of new graduates? Is 50 years in teaching a dream come true? Continue reading


Training to teach 30 years ago and today

I have been going through some of my Mum’s and Dad’s stuff: years of collected travel brochures, postcards, photos and so on. Today, I found a letter I sent during my PGCE course at Goldsmiths’ College in London. I qualified to teach 30 years ago in 1986. I had forgotten my apprehension. Where will I live? Can I afford it? Will I be okay in charge of a class?

This is the letter.

Dear Mum and Dad, Continue reading